XFactor Networks

About Us

Our founder started his career in the network operations center (NOC) where he witnessed the struggles of the deployment process firsthand. XFactor Networks’ mission is to improve sustainability and optimization of customer premise equipment (CPE). We developed Nimble NOC, our single-pane-of-glass platform, to support the needs of MSPs, ISPs, enterprise businesses, and field services organizations through automation. 

With our patented zero-touch provisioning process, you’ll eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, reduce human capital, and improve SLAs. Simplify network hardware delivery to your B2B customers, save time and money, and shrink your organization’s carbon footprint with Nimble NOC.

Your Deployment Problems: Solved

Your days of dealing with the high costs and complexities of multiple software licenses are over. Optimize network hardware delivery with Nimble NOC.

A Single Pane of Glass

Eliminate the need for complex management with our plug-n-play, single-pane-of-glass platform.


Pandemic-related staffing shortages are real. Reduce personnel to almost a quarter of what you are paying out today, thanks to automation.


Automated provisioning means remote management, fewer trucks to roll out, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our Expert Team

Say hello to the team behind Nimble NOC. We’re here to help you solve your network hardware delivery problems through automation

Xavier Perez

President & CEO

Derek Roush

Chief Strategy Officer

Change the Network Hardware Delivery Game

MSPs, ISPs, enterprise businesses, and field services organizations can cut down on infrastructure and labor costs and increase speed to market with a single-pane-of-glass solution.